March 22, 2010

Dakota-my son's dog, eats choc chip cookies! Oh no

As Zachary is on the couch trying to dress himself (yes he is 5 and still cannot manage it alone on most days) he is praying to God.... "Lord please help my dog not be so sick"

Dakota is a rescued dog and a scrounger due to that. My fault, left chocolate chip cookies in a ziplock bag WAY up on the counter. Out of her reach, always have food there, but today she managed somehow to get to it.

For those of you who didn't read the other post, I am owner training her to be a Service Dog for my son. There are links below to grants for equipment and info on how-to do this.

We woke up with no Dakota on his side of the bed and I knew something was wrong. Downstairs she was pacing and panting. I spot the paper plate that had the chocolate chip cookies and it's zip-lock bag on the floor. I send her outside and give her a huge bowl of water and jump online. I find an old website which suggested Vet and Ipecac, & keeping an emergency kit for these situations. I knew this was old info and I pack my son who is panicking and dog into the car. I send Zachary off to school crying for his dog and call the Vet on my way there. Turns out chocolate in Toll House pre-made batter is not as poisonous and due to her size she probably will just be sick. Of course they suggest bringing her in and I start my speel. "She is a Service Dog for my special needs child, if this is routine to tell me what you already told me, I seriously cannot afford it. I cannot take from the emergency pool for a typical well visit." She understood and told me watch her then for worsening symptoms, it's just making her sick. She also told me that if she already was vomiting then no need to induce with more meds. She said had I caught her eating them, then give the inducer. Otherwise she is doing well on her own with spitting it up. What a relief. How would I explain to my son that his dog was not going to....... oh I just am praising God right now.

I just found this one, in the pink box is the correct answer regarding what types of chocolate per body weight for toxicity.

March 15, 2010

It's exhausting trying to show proof to professionals

We've just had THE worst week and I don't know if it is because he didn't feel well or another major mood swing hit. It amazes me how hard it is to tease typical stuff and real issues stuff when it is SO intertwined and messy. Society tells us all of it is "normal" so we chase our tails trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Well I am sick of it. And it is clearly not normal.

I got some good video this week, but as a suggestion--you are better off with the older type video cameras that use small tapes. The new ones, like the one I got, use the memory disk and you cannot pause in between taping. This is a royal pain.

We just spent 30 mins in the therapist office where she does play therapy with him. He is so happy to play! As soon as her and I begin to talk, he acts up and becomes destructive. Typical. Only she decides she doesn't want him being upset and decides to talk about strengths. I don't need to discuss his strengths thank you--I am well aware. What he NEEDS is to work on frustration control and inflexibility! They cater to him to keep him in a good place, so where is the mess! It does exist outside of play-doh and sand boxes you know.

I decided to appease her and talk positive and then scheduled an apt to speak with her alone this Friday. Damned if I am going to let her off the hook this time. I am up to here with society fluffing over the serious issues and pushing it down the line. So what, CHINS steps in next? What do they suggest when he turns 9 and they can't sweep it under the carpet anymore, residential housing? Give me a small break here and address my child's issues NOW, not later.


March 3, 2010

Get proof of your child's issues on video

I decided to video tape episodes at home and in the community, since school and doctors cannot see the volume of disruptions and quirky behaviors. If a child does well in school, it could mean the setting works for them, not that the issues are not present. Don't let the school system cause you to believe it is "bad parenting" just because they receive positive results within a structured setting.

Our therapist agreed this was a good idea too since I am "absorbing" his behaviors and not getting a record of it. This will be taken in the community as well as at home.

Of course they sent the new video camera without the SD memory card so I am waiting on them to replace it. Does nothing go right in our family?