October 24, 2010

The school files (2) 51A's (abuse & neglect) against me (DCF Dept of Children & Families formerly DSS Dept of Social Services)

Seems that many parents are being blamed for their child's issues when they do "well" in school, but not in the community. Just because the proper environment, with the right supports are in place and positive results are achieved - does NOT mean the illness, issues etc do not exist for the child.

In my case, the school has blamed me (personally and blatantly at meetings, documented it in FBA (Functional Behavior) reports, and in front of my advocates at IEP meetings) They have even gone so far as filing (2)51A's with DCF (Dept of Children and Families, formerly DSS) accusing me "being the one with the mental illness, fabricating my son's issues and causing his hospitalization". All of which is untrue and unsupported.

We have tons, and always have had wraparound supports, services, therapies etc and I am the parent who advocates for everything and has from literally 5 months old.

We have had a clinical team following him since birth documenting everything and yet the school "disagrees with the Doctors and stands firm he has no diagnoses" LOL!

I spoke with the Federation of Children with Special Needs about this and unfortunately they hear this complaint all the time from parents. This is an outrage! The school is on some sort of a which hunt and they are in for more than they bargained for.

When the dust settles and the file is closed unsupported (as they already know it will be and have informed me of such) you better believe that I will march right to the Newspapers, TV shows, Politicians - ANYONE who will listen. I refuse to be made out to be a bad parent simply because of budget cuts!

Is anyone else dealing with this parent blame?

October 19, 2010

Does your child do well in school, but not in the community?

Can you spare a few minutes to answer 5 questions?

Your feedback is important! We need to band together against this lack in the school system, which in turns shifts blame onto us.